Licensed To Fly!


Among the many surreal moments we have had over the past few weeks, one that is certainly a highlight is the experience of getting U.S. Passports for all 7 kids. It began the day of application. Apparently both parents/legal guardians need to be present for each child who is applying, which only means one thing for us- FAMILY OUTING!

You should have seen the faces of the Post Office workers when we walked in that afternoon with all the paperwork in hand to apply for 7 brand new passports and 1 renewal (mine). To top it off, apparently early May was the time to get passports because there was already a line almost out the door when we arrived and they were all there for passports! One might have been tempted to think that we knew something everybody else didn’t :).

Despite the long line, the ladies at the Taylorsville, KY Post Office were phenomenal and got all of our kids’ pictures taken and applications sent off. After a few weeks of processing, the finished products landed in our mailbox this week and the kids have been ecstatic. Jimmy literally just stared at his for several minutes saying “Whoa” under his breath. He asked if this was like his “license.” I replied, “Well, sort of…but it’s not a license to drive, it’s a license to fly!” He seemed content with that answer.

The Passports are just a symbol to us of the reality that is coming up fast. Please be in prayer for the travel process we are about the embark upon. The journey is a long one anyway (20+ hours just in flight time, not counting layovers, etc.). Pray that the kids would have supernatural calm and compliance throughout the journey and that there would be no snags with passports, visas, or baggage along the way! Thanks to all of you who are holding the rope so faithfully!

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