Because You’ve Asked

So many of you have kept in touch with us and often your first question is, “how are the kids adjusting?” First of all, thank you for that! Secondly, here is a brief update on how things are going with them.

Libby and Phia are still doing great and loving school. They are doing ballet again. They are both learning a lot and are very responsible doing their homework, making their own lunches, and keeping track of their things. Culturally there is a thing called a “lobola” here, it’s like a dowry so the parents of the bride make a list that the groom is expected to provide before they consent to the marriage. Um, yea…I’d want an island somewhere near the Maldives and “1 meelion” cows for each of them. Maybe I’m biased but they are rocking this transition and showing a lot of resilience.


The girls modeling their makeup during “Girls’ Night”

Phia loves catching creatures and I told her not to catch the bright ones because God made them bright to warn us (I might have made that up, but I’ve always used it as a rule of thumb). She said, “That’s silly. Why didn’t he just write ‘Don’t touch?” So not only is she responsible, she’s smarter than God. A real catch.

The boys are having a harder time, which is expected of older children. They begged me over break to homeschool them and not make them go back. They pulled my mom-heartstrings and had me looking into the option. After talking with Donna my mentor on the field, I realized they are in the peak of “culture shock” and don’t need to be coddled or “saved” from it, but taught how to handle it. We had conversations with them about how following Jesus will never be easy, but if we want to follow Him we have to push thru the hard spots and persevere, and by faith know that joy will follow. We all agreed that the Lord wants them where they are at least in this season and we are working to see the blessings in His plan. Swimming is the required sport this term, so they’re doing well in that and they joined the chess team. Hold up. Did I just say my sons are on the chess team? So that is happening…. They seem to be enjoying it and making friends. I’ve been really proud of them and their attitudes since starting this term. The Lord is helping them to keep perspective and they are learning so much about life.




The three littles are loving life. Jumping on the trampoline, watching cartoons, eating maputi, and playing with the dogs and our new bunnies, Peter and Cupcake…and “Man”, that’s the free baby bunny that Cupcake was pregnant with when we got her and we didn’t know it. He fits in my palm, so the boys thought it would be funny to name him “Man”. They laugh every time they say it. Johnny turned 2 on Sept 9, so we sang him happy Birthday and had cake and ice cream.


While the seminary students were slashing, they found some SWINGS!!


And a SLIDE!!!


Johnny sharing his cereal with Leia

Jimmy turned 10 on Sept 15. We traditionally make a bigger deal out of the 5th and 10th birthdays, so it was really sad for me when I asked Jimmy what kind of party he wanted to do and he said he didn’t have any friends to invite. I know, are you crying yet bc I am. So instead I took him and Jake camping at Antelope Park and made it a special night. We had a lot of fun. They aren’t nearly as obnoxious when they don’t have little sisters around to annoy or be annoyed by.




We are learning new ways of doing things and embracing new traditions. Halloween is coming up and there obviously isn’t anywhere to Trick or Treat here so we will just have to find another way to worship Satan I guess (Kidding!). We will definitely miss dressing up and getting loads of free candy from the neighbors… All that to say, things are good. We like it here. We’ve even grown to crave the one local fast-food restaurant…Chicken Inn. God is so good. He has done and will do far more than we could ever ask or think. He shows Himself faithful and worthy to be trusted time and time again.

Please continue to pray as they continue to adjust.


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